Terms & Conditions

1) Order Cancellation
Customer can cancel their order on or before order confirmation call from Fushanj.com

2) 5 Days Exchange Policy
items can be exchanged if they fall in below option
2.a) item has been found to have a factory defect that is not listed under warranty terms.
2.b) the item is not what has been ordered.
2.c) No Exchange if no notable defect or issue with the item.
2.d) If the product sent to us is not defective, customer will be charged for handling charges.
2.e) after 5 days of receipt there will be no exchange policy applied.
2.f) No FREE Return for discounted/offered items, a fee of AED 30 applicable.
2.g) if any of accessories opened, used or missing there will be no exchange or customer need to bear cost of the accessories.

3) Warranty | Legal Terms & Conditions
3.a) Warranty period mentioned above is for the main device only from this receipt date.
3.b) Manufacturer fault repairs are FREE if your device is within the warranty period.
3.c) We test all repairs to meets standards and ensure they are in working condition.
3.d) FREE quotes for repairs and servicing for expired warranty.
3.e) FREE warranty claim through our office.
3.f) Warranty means servicing or repairing the device only, not refund or replacement.
3.g) Repair of products will take normally 3 – 5 working days from the date of claiming.
3.h) it takes longer if the part we require is not in stock and/or we are unable to source the part from the manufacturer quickly.
3.i) sending back the item to the manufacturer for whatever reason takes up to 28 days, we aren't responsible for the time the manufacturer takes to repair although we will be progressing this on your behalf.
3.l) No Free Pickup and Re-delivery for warranty claim, a fee of AED 40 is applicable.

Faults covered under warranty
- Microphone Problems
- Network Problems
- Freezing/Hanging Problem
- Charging problems (if not battery issue)
- Intermittent switching off
- Front & Back Camera Problems
- Software problems
(Updates/Upgrades not included)
- Speaker problems

Warranty does not cover
3.1a) Batteries, Display, LCDs, Covers, Cables and Chargers.
3.1b) any serial number/IMEI has been removed.
3.1c) device with broken screen record.
3.1d) product has been opened, modified or repaired by anyone other than Fushanj.com authorized service centers.
3.1e) device is damaged from any accidents, water, fire, voltage fluctuations.
3.1f) customer doesn’t have the proof of purchase or delivery.
3.1g) virus infections or use of the product with apps which not provided with the product or incorrectly installed.
3.1h) No Warranty if signs of misuse, including but not limited to the failure to use this product for its normal purpose;
3.1i) void if rooting or replacement with altered or 3rd party firmware;
3.1j) any damage caused by natural calamities or extreme weather conditions such as heat, cold humidity rain or snow;
3.1k) item does not start up anymore as the cause of the fatal malfunction which is untraceable in such condition.

4) Refund (Credit Note)
Customers can return goods for a refund (credit note) if the item:
4.a) Has a fault that wouldn't normally have been detected at the time they bought it; (hidden fault)
4.b) is not the same as described by the salesperson, or on a label or sign, or in an advertisement or does not match the sample they were shown.
4.c) is not suitable for the customer's intended use as described by the salesperson before they bought it.
4.d) item(s) can be refunded (credit noted) within 5 days of receipt date.
4.e) item is still in its original packaging, i.e. box seal is still intact.
4.f) item is refused by the customer due to change of heart a re-stock fee applies.
4.g) for all refunds a re-stocking fee (10% of the item´s value) to cover logistics and procurement costs shall be charged.
4.h) no refund for items which receipt date is more than 5 days.
4.i) If the item sent to Fushanj.com is NOT defective, customer will be charged for shipping and handling charges.
4.j) Refunds will be made by Cash, cheque or Bank transfer and may takes 3 - 5 weeks.
4.k) if any of accessories opened, used or missing there will be no refund or customer need to bear cost of the accessories.

How to Claim Warranty, Exchange or Refund?



General Terms and Conditions

We have a huge network of suppliers and agents who search around the globe and look for the best and cheapest offers available to buy in bulk and send it here for us to retail them 
Our good price products mostly are:
1) Bulk Auctions or sales in US, UK, Australia, Asia and Europe.
2) Overstock Products
3) UK/Europe Discontinued Products
4) No Middleman which lowers our costs.
5) Comes with 5 or 7 days Products.

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